Pittsburgh City Council Resolution


This morning, Councilmember Natalia Rudiak introduced a Will of Council calling on the state and federal governments to lift the harmful abortion ban! Specifically, the resolution calls on lawmakers to ensure that all health insurance, whether private or government funded, should cover the full range of a woman's options when she is facing an unintended pregnancy, so that she is able to, without interference, make the decision she deems best for her and her family. It demands an end to Hyde Amendment and the passage of the federal EACH Woman Act

Show the Pittsburgh City Council that you believe Pittsburgh should join the ranks and be the 13th city from across the country in speaking out against restrictions on abortion coverage. Please sign this petition today to show you stand with Councilmember Rudiak and urge the City of Pittsburgh Council to support this resolution. 

In addition to signing, we invite you to join us Tuesday, November 20 at 10 AM at the Pittsburgh City-County Building located at 414 Grant Street for the public hearing. 


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